Developing an Action Plan for the Pre-Deployment Stage

• Communicate that an arrangement exists for family backing to seafarers and family individuals at the season of a theft assault. This can be at the pre-sending preparation or by issuing data to anyone conceivably influenced by way of a suitable pamphlet
• Dependent on whether enactment of the Flag State and Country of Nationality of the seafarer permits it, request that every seafarer distinguish a man they wish the Company to contact in such circumstances who will be the family contact. The seafarer may pick not to utilize their legitimate Next of Family (NoK) and if banner state/nation of nationality laws permit ought to be managed the chance to have their favored purpose of contact recorded independently due to any exceptional family circumstances e.g. family ailment on the other hand saw passionate effect on the NoK. In these circumstances it might be fitting to differ from the typical legitimate prerequisite to manage the NoK if the seafarer has formally consented to this. A structure for the seafarer to finish earlier to flight is given . Seafarers could likewise be exhorted at the underlying instructions that they can alter this structure and give another one to the Family Liaison Representative at a later date ought to their circumstances change. The Company ought to know that in excellent circumstances the seafarer may not wish any family part to be advised.
• Communicate the Family Liaison Team plans inside the Company.
• Establish a convention for advising the Family Liaison Team to create joins with the family when an episode emerges.
• Notify the Family Liaison Representative of the administration work force and structures required in light of such an occurrence and guarantee, to the point that a consistently upgraded contact rundown is promptly open.
• Establish joins with nearby wellsprings of support recognizing the Family Liaison Delegate and accessible contact focuses. Request that these sources complete a structure to be held by the Company for future use.
• Check the contact records routinely (commonly like clockwork) to guarantee that the data is still right.
• Prepare the convention for how to handle the circumstance in the principal example and a diagram script for the first and resulting telephone calls and/or visits to the Family Contact .
This ought to diagram:
• How to decide the most proper intends to illuminate the Family Contact rapidly perceiving the should be comprehended, given dialect contemplations.
• The assets accessible locally to communicate the message and for continuous backing.
• The accessible and confirmed data.
• The exercises began between the
Organization and important powers.
• The part of the Family Liaison Agent and contact data.
• The subsequent calls.
• How to manage any media interest.
• The limits of privacy.
• How to handle calls from privateers
• Encourage the Family Contact to contact the Family Liaison Agent for data in the event that they
hear bits of gossip or are reached by the media.
• Raise mindfulness amongst groups of online stories and recordings which might be intended to expand concern. Set up a complete document of all the above information either in printed version or put away
electronically to be effortlessly gotten to during a period of emergency. This ought to contain duplicates of any concurred conventions and a basic record sheet for contacts and telephone calls made by the Family Liaison Delegate.

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