AHTS Vessels ASD tug Accommodation Barge Aggregates Carrier Aircraft Carrier
Alumina Carrier Amphibious Assault Articulated Tug and Barge Asphalt Tanker Barge
Barge Carrier Barge slip Battleship Bitumen Tanker Bulk carriers
Bulk/Oil Carrier Bunker barge Buoy/Lighthouse Vessel Cabin Cruiser Cable laying Vessel
Car Carrier Catamaran Cement Carrier Ch./Oil Products Tanker Chemical Tanker
Construction Support Vessels Container Ro-Ro Cargo Ship Container vessels Corvette Cruiser Crane Barge
Crane Ship Crew vessel Crude Oil Tanker Cruise ship Cutter Section Dredger
DP1 Ships DP2 Ships DP3 Ships Deck Cargo Ship Derrick Lay Barge
Destroyer Diving Support vessel Dredger Emergency escape respond vessel Drilling Ship Dynamic Positioning Ships
Edible Oil Tanker Emergency towing vessel FPSO FSO Factory Ship
Fast Support Intervention Vessel Ferry boat Ferry slip Fire Fighting Vessel Fish Carrier vessel
Fish Factory Ship Fisheries research vessel Fishing Catching Vessel Fishing Catching/Processing Vessel Fishing Tender ship
Fishing vessels Fixed oil platform Floating crane vessels Floating drydock Frigate
Fruit Juice Tanker Gas Tankers General Cargo Ship General cargo vessels Hopper Barge
Hospital Vessel Hydrographic survey vessel Icebreaker Jack up barge Jack-up drilling rigs
Ketch LNG LPG Law Enforcement non military Limestone Carrier
Live fish carrier Livestock Carrier Living Quarters Log Carrier Ship Log Tipping Ship
MPC Heavy Lift Vessel Medevac vessel Minesweeper Miscellaneous vessels Modular rig
Molasses Tanker Multi Purpose Supply Multipurpose vessel Naval research Vessel Naval/Naval Auxiliary
Nuclear Fuel Carrier Ocean liner Oceanographic research vessel Offshore Offshore General
Offshore Processing Ship Offshore Support Vessel Offshore Tug vessel Offshore dredger Offshore shore based
Oil Carrier Edit Delete Oil Products Tanker Oil Recovery Vessel Oil Rig Oil Sludge Tanker
Oil Spill Response Vessel Orbital Launch Vessel Ore Bulk Oil Carrier Ore Carrier Other Non-Merchant Ships
Other river vessels Palletized Cargo Ship Passenger Ship Passenger ships Passenger/General Cargo Ship
Patrol Craft Training Patrol Ship Permanently Moored Vessel Pilot Vessel Pipe laying barge
Pipe laying vessel Platform supply Vessel ROV Recreational Reefer vessel
Research / survey vessels Research vessel River Cargo Vessels River General Cargo Vessel River Tanker Vessel
River passenger Ro-Ro Cargo Ship Ro-Ro Passenger Ro-Ro cargo vessels Salvage Tug
Search and Rescue Boat Search and Rescue Vessel Seismic Survey Vessel Semisub Platform Service ships
Shipyard Specialized cargo ships Split barge Supertrawler Supply vessel
Tankers Technical vessel Trawler Tug VLCC
Very Large Ore Oil Carrier Warships Yacht